Suspects charged in multiple Georgetown burglaries

McElveen, Woodruff, McBride, Haselden. (Source: GCSO)
McElveen, Woodruff, McBride, Haselden. (Source: GCSO)

GEORGETOWN COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - Georgetown County deputies say four people have been arrested in connection with multiple December burglaries.

According to a release, deputies were patrol in the Graves Community in Georgetown on December 29 when a vehicle was spotted parked at the entrance of Stein, Inc. around 11:30 p.m.

While questioning the people in the car, it was discovered the business' office trailer had been broken into, officials say.

David McElveen, 24, Ryan Woodruff, 20, Joshua McBride, 25, and Hunter Brandy Haselden, 18, were arrested. McElveen was charged with trespassing, petit larceny, and second degree burglary. Woodruff, McBride, and Haselden were charged with receiving stolen goods and second degree burglary.

Deputies say it was later determined Woodruff, McElveen and McBride were responsible for a burglary on Highmarket Street that authorities were called out to on December 30.

Woodruff was charged with first degree burglary, while McElveen and McBride were charged with second degree burglary.

Authorities say Woodruff and McBride also committed a previous burglary at a home on Highmarket Street on December 19. The two were charged with first degree burglary.

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