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Charlotte celebrates 'Black Friday' to prepare for Sunday's game


Many Panthers fans celebrated Friday as Black Friday. The city wanted to use this day to help get the city ready for game day. Fans were asked to wear all black. 

Some fans even stopped by the team store to make sure they had the right attire.

"We've been selling a lot of black jerseys," Store Manager Shawn Lawson said. "Black T-shirts especially yesterday."

While the team store was getting rid of T-shirts, the chef at Bank of America Stadium ,John Morey, was preparing food for the big day.  He had 7,000 pounds of pork, lots of Brunswick Stew, cookies, chicken and other food to prep.

"It's a big deal," Chef John Morey said. "And it's excitement - knowing that we feed the team and we take care of the team and a close relationship with the Panthers. It's fun."

The work is so great, four extra chefs had to be brought in to help out.  100 cooks are on hand to make sure all meals are prepared. Morey says Sunday's game is a step up from a Monday night game.  That's how staff is treating Sunday's game. He says his job is to make sure food is ready and the Panthers are taken care of. 

"You want to give Cam his wild mushrooms," the chef said. "And you want to give the guys their soup, that's why we are here."

While people are getting prepped for the game, we wanted to see how the Panthers are doing.  They say they are feeling good about Sunday. To help prepare them, they use loud music during their practice - not to hype them up, but rather to prepare them for a potential noisy stadium.

"Defensively when we are on the field," Panthers CB Captain Munnerlyn said. "We know it's going to be loud. Our fans are going to be very loud so we did it to help ourselves communicate. A little bit distraction with the music, so we can communicate with each other so we can relay the calls."

Panthers are also using this Black Friday to reflect on the nicknames they have acquired during their time on the field.

"I've heard Tolldozer," Panthers FB Mike Tolbert said. "Butterball, Meazy, Yogi, Wrecking ball - it's a lot - bowling ball."

The excitement is building as Panthers take on the San Francisco 49ers. Many hope the Black Friday will pay off so fans won't be singing the Blues come Monday morning.

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