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Six meth labs within two-mile radius; Bonneau Police Chief: "Nothing less than an epidemic"


According to Bonneau Police Chief Franco Fuda, in 2013 law enforcement came across six meth labs in a two-mile radius.

Fuda says methamphetamine is the drug of choice on the market.

"You can pretty much get all the components you need to manufacture meth nowadays at Walmart, one stop."

Fuda says the ingredients are simple, among them coffee filters, salt, fuel and ephedrine, but the process is complex chemistry.

"You have people that have no chemist background whatsoever and in some cases have very little education to put it bluntly, and they're attempting to make a chemical process, and that's how we end up with the explosion."

Fuda says that's why the public's tips are so important. He says if anyone suspects meth production in their apartment complex or neighborhood, call it in.

During the interview, Fuda referenced the meth lab explosion at Pine Harbour apartment complex in 2012 a few times. Three people, including a four-year-old, were killed in that explosion.

"Most people don't want to react or don't want to respond to criminal activity unless it involves them or affects them, but when you know, and again that Pine Harbour fire, that tragedy really brings it home to me, and I can't imagine anything better to impress upon the public how serious it is to keep your eye aware of that."

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