Hundreds shuck oysters to restore Morris Island Lighthouse

FOLLY BEACH, SC (WCSC) - A couple hundred oyster lovers shucked away to bring Charleston's first lighthouse back to its glory days.

"Today is a good chance just to meet other people who love the lighthouse," said Save the Light chairman, Al Hitchcock.

Hundreds hovered of tables enjoying oysters at Bowens Island Restaurant on James Island.

With all the food and fun, everyone had one goal on their mind, helping a local group called Save the Light raise money to restore the 137-year-old Morris Island Lighthouse.

They are now in phase three of the project.

Hitchcock said, "That phase is going to renovate the rest of the tower."

The group has already made sure the lighthouse will stay afloat.

"68 concrete pilings are capable of holding the tower by themselves," said Denis Blyth, publicity chair for Save the Light.

Being surrounded by water wasn't originally part of the design plan. The landmark once stood on an island that was washed away several decades ago.

"It started on land but it's been in the water since about 1939," said Hitchcock.

Group members say there is no time limit to finish the project.

Hitchcock said, "The factor is the money and raising the funds."

They're always looking for more donors and members to help with their cause.

"Now we are trying to fix up the light house, put the glass back in it, paint the tower and do the inside renovations for it," said Hitchcock.

Save the Light has been at it for 15 years trying to restore the historic landmark sitting off shore at the Edge of America.

Hitchcock said, "It'll be an icon for Charleston that you'll be able to visually see and it and remind you of the maritime history of what it stood for so many years."

On February 1st, Save the Light will hold a 5k and half marathon to raise money.

The group's annual gala will be held on March 27th. They're hoping to raise $25,000 at the event.

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