Duo wanted following armed robbery at Summerville Kmart parking lot

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(Photo: Google)

SUMMERVILLE, SC (WCSC) - Investigators are searching for two men in connection with an armed robbery at a Kmart in Summerville.

On Wednesday night, officers responded to the Kmart on 4570 Ladson Rd. for an armed robbery. The 57-year-old victim said she was approached by two men at the parking lot as she was walking to her car.

According to police, one of the suspects pointed a gun towards the victim's feet and told her to give him everything in her pockets. The victim then gave the suspect her keys and her purse.

Investigators say the suspects then ran across from the parking lot to the Movies 8 theater.

The victim then went back into Kmart and told an employee who contacted police.

Police say the victim described the first suspect as a black male with very little facial hair, 5'7", 170 pounds and wearing a flat-billed black ball cap with red letters on the front.

The victim told police she could not recall much detail on the second suspect.

A Kmart employee also told investigators that he saw two men standing outside of the store's entrance around 7:17 p.m. According to the employee, he saw the same men around 8:17 p.m. walking towards the Movies 8 theater.

The employee described one of the suspects as a black male wearing pants and a blue shirt with the words "What If I Don't Want To Keep Calm" written on the front, while the other suspect was described as wearing shorts with socks up to his knees. The employee said both of the suspects were black males who looked to be around 20 years old.

Authorities reported that they recovered the victim's purse between the second and third floors of the 200 building of Oakbrook Village. The victim said that a checkbook and keys were missing from the purse.

If you have any information you are asked to call police or Crime Stoppers at 554-1111.

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