Frustrations with Battery construction

It's one of the most prized areas in Charleston, and right now many people are calling it an inconvenience and an eye sore.

Engineers say construction on the Battery is just at the beginning stages. It's a process officials call a priority due to substantial deterioration of the underlying wooden deck and pile system.

But to nearby residents and visitors, it's frustrating.

"I would cut through here. I've kind of changed my pace now," said downtown resident Stephanie Davis. "But yea, it's kind of put a little damper."

Davis remembers a better time, when she came to the battery often.

"At least 3 times a week," said Davis.

Now, because of the construction, her walks take on a different form.

"It's kind of a pain now," said Davis.

That feeling is echoed in the footsteps of College of Charleston student Elise Olson.

"You just had a good view of the ocean around the corner and it wasn't as loud and obnoxious," said Olson.

Senior Project Manager of the City Frank Newham said while this 3 phase project is inconvenient, it's for the best.

"The project has to be done," said Newham. "The turn of the battery is built on wooden piling, on a wooden deck and that wood has deteriorated over a hundred years."

Phase 1 of the project begins on East Battery and ends around the corner where Murray Blvd and King St. intersect. Newham said that's a lot of orange that's simply unavoidable.

"Eventually it would fail," said Newham. "The stone battery is in pretty good shape. It wasn't constructed on wood like the low battery and the turn were. But, because of the construction underneath this, you're losing all your foundations support of the stone wall. So eventually it would collapse."

While it's an inconvenient for now, officials say, in the long run it will be well worth the sacrifice.

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