New research says smoking causes more than cancer

New research says smoking causes more than cancer

In the 2014 Surgeon General's report, researchers concluded smoking causes much more than cancer.

Scientists say it's now a cause of serious disease in nearly every organ in the body.

Among the new risks include diabetes, arthritis, colorectal and liver cancer, as well as vision loss.

"The most startling finding out of this report is that the risks of smoking appear to have gone up, not down," said MUSC Professor, Dr. K. Michael Cummings, one of three in South Carolina who contributed to the national report.

"The introduction of filters, the introduction of so-called low tar cigarettes with their chemical manipulations appears to have made cigarettes easier to inhale, and unfortunately, more deadly," he said.

This year marked the 50th anniversary since the first report was issued.  Since that time, researchers predict nearly 20 million Americans have died from smoking.

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