Son of civil rights activists speaks about MLK day and his mother's legacy

CHARLESTON COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - Wilford Amos grew up in a large family in Charleston.

His mother Marjorie Amos Frazier was a courageous civil rights activists who made him and his siblings do things far out of their comfort zone.

But now, he says he gives thanks, especially on days like MLK day, that God gave him such a fearless mother.

"Growing up with a civil rights leader as my mother was, you know and my mom believed in boycotting and you know marching for civil rights," said Amos. As a child, I remember her saying to a friend of her's, 'watch my kid because I may be arrested.'"

"I'll never forget the time when I went to school and you know the school at that particular time was James Simon's Elementary and you know being one of 8 African Americans in the whole school," said Amos. "I can remember some kids from my school. They took me to Hampton Park to try out for the football team. Well, the coach didn't know I was black, you know. They gestured to one of the kids that you know, he can't play on this park."

"It was a tough time, but looking back on that you know we can see now on why she wanted to do that," said Amos. " She died in 2010 but we have a lot of really nice memories. Mom, no matter what it looks like, your work was not in vain and I love you."

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