President of Urban League shares his vision for the future

CHARLESTON COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - President of the Charleston Trident Urban League Otha Meadows is a native of West Virginia and grew up in Ohio.

Through the Urban League, and other civil rights groups, he's seen the racism struggle on every front.

"What comes to mind is to understand how far we've come since the civil rights movement in the 60's, just 50 years ago, America was deeply rooted in unequal opportunity if you happen to be a person of color," said Meadows. "And so, the civil rights movement and the significance of that let's us understand how far we've come but also reminds us how far it is that we still have to go.

"A lot of folks, especially young folks, don't understand the significance of the civil rights movement," said Meadows. "The hope for the future is that we are able to realize our true potential as a country and how we're able to do that is to understand that we have a country where it is that everyone shares equally and all those things that we can embrace as important and have a good quality of life. That if everyone is able to share in that and is able to make a contribution, I think that we would really realize how great America is."

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