Cold weather doesn't have to mean death for plants

SUMMERVILLE, SC (WCSC) - When the temperatures started dropping, the calls into Stack's Nursery started coming.

"One of the questions is, is it too late?" said Michael Levingston. "Is it too late to do something to protect them (plants), and I tell people, 'it's absolutely not.'"

Levingston said while the cold weather isn't ideal for plants, you can still keep your garden safe.

"If in doubt, bring it inside, recover it," said Levingston. "If damage is done, don't cut."

"One thing that you want to do is use any of your frost blankets," said owner of Stack's Nursery John Barrineau. "If plants are very durable, you want to make sure you can cover them up very easily."

He walked through the 3 acres, with hundreds of thousands of plants, confident he knows the tricks of the trade.

"Make sure you water them the day of," said Barrineau pouring water over his plants. "What it does is it helps to lock in some of the heat and the warmth of the day."

Household items like trash cans and broomsticks can be used to cover plants. Simply put a trash can up-side-down over smaller plants. Plant a broomstick into the soil and drape a tarp over bigger plants, to protect branches.

"Simply, just cover over them with a frost protection blanket," said Barrineau. "And, as long as it's a light color, you can leave it on for weeks at a time."

Barrineau said stay informed, the cold is dangerous for plant life.

"As long as the temperatures are remaining longer periods below 30, that's usually where more damage occurs," said Barrineau. "So it is a beneficial thing for those non-hearty plants to stay warm, or you probably will lose them."

Remember, nobody wants to be cold on a winter's night, including your plants.

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