Cops: Woman told police dismembered man took bus to Texas

SUMMERVILLE, SC (WCSC) - Investigators say a 53-year-old woman who has been charged in connection with the discovery of a dismembered man told police last week that the victim had taken a bus to Texas.

Authorities charged Nancy Bentley with obstruction of justice in connection to the discovery of Roy Steward's remains which were found in three bags Tuesday night.

A judge signed an additional warrant Thursday afternoon for desecration of human remains.

On the evening of Jan. 14, a Summerville police officer responded to 1925 Bacons Bridge Road for a welfare status on Roy Steward. Steward's brother, Edward Steward, told police that he had not spoken to him since Dec. 25, 2013.

The officer said he then spoke to Nancy Bentley, who the report states was Roy Steward's live in girlfriend. Bentley told the officer that Steward left "7 or 8 days ago" and took a bus to visit his brother in Texas.

Authorities say Bentley told the officer she hasn't spoken to Steward since he left the home, and did not have any way to get in touch with him.

An incident report states Bentley told the officer that Steward did not have a cell phone, and did not know where he had been sleeping.

Authorities then spoke to Steward's brother, Buck, who told police that he received a call from a rental company stating that his brother was late paying a bill. Buck Steward said his brother had several medical conditions, and it seemed unusual that he missed a payment.

When police told Buck Steward what Bentley had told them, officers say Buck Steward was shocked, and said he had no idea his brother was coming to visit him. Buck Steward then asked if his brother's white Honda vehicle and dog were at the home to which police said they were still both at the home.

Authorities say Steward became more concerned and asked if police could check inside the home for his brother.

When the officer returned to the home and asked Bentley where Roy Steward was, Bentley told the officer that he had left "6 or 7 days ago to see his brother in Texas." The officer then asked Bentley how Steward was traveling to Texas if his vehicle was at the home.

Bentley told officers that Steward's friend "Doug" came to the home and picked him up. According to Bentley, "Doug" drove a brown Yukon or truck and possibly lived in Goose Creek. Authorities say Bentley could not provide further information and refused to let the officer inside her home.

A police report states, Bentley said her house was "filthy."

The officer said from what he could see, the inside of the home appeared to be clean and in order. According to the officer, he also smelled what seemed to be the odor of trash coming from inside the home.

According to investigators, the officer pleaded with Bentley for several minutes to let him inside, but she refused.

The officer then contacted Buck Steward who was even more concerned about his brother's well-being.

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