Paramedics prepping for slick roads

Paramedics prepping for slick roads

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - While thorough everyday, Monday's pre-shift inspection at Stat Ambulance Service honed in on the tires.

"Always try to make sure that they're at least about that much to make sure they're ok and they're good to go for traction," explains paramedic Del Fipps.

Fipps says Tuesday and Wednesday's winter weather will be a first for some of their drivers.

"The main thing that we're concerned about is the black ice that usually shows up on the roads that you can't usually see and you hit it and slide, but we'll be as cautious as we can."

With predictions of freezing rain and sleet, Fipps says they will be at the mercy of the weather.

"That does get nerve-racking, knowing that we're driving a much bigger vehicle than everyone else on the road, and we can't stop on a dime, so we have to be extra cautious in our speeds and driving under the speed limit."

He hopes other drivers will do the same.

"You don't have to be in a hurry to get anywhere because a lot of time you're in a hurry to get to where you're going, we can always transport you. That's how it winds up happening a lot of times."