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Wintry mix could lead to Airport problems


Predicted wintry weather could shut down Albany's airport.

If you plan to fly this week, you need to monitor your flight status and be ready for changes.

Southwest Georgia Regional Airport doesn't have de-icing equipment for planes or a way to clear ice from runways.

That kind of equipment is limited in Atlanta, so it won't take much ice or snow to cause major problems.

"If we have ice on the runway there's no landing aircraft anyway, so we will have to close the airport at that time because airports this for south do not have snow removal and ice removal and those kind of things. So, we will just have to wait for the ice to melt," said Yvette Aehle Airport Director.

If you do have travel plans for Tuesday night through Wednesday afternoon, Yvette Aehle says you may want to consider rescheduling your flight now if possible.


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