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Parents seeking snow day activities for kids


Whether or not the snow comes, the kids will be there. And they'll be looking for something to do.

"We'll stay on the couch and stay wrapped in the blanket," said Oscar Criswell

That'll last for about 15 minutes, until the youngsters enjoying a rare Savannah snow day start experiencing that same, old void created by the absence of school, and start expecting their parents to fill it.

"My son plays videos and my daughter stays on the computer a lot,'' said Susan Covington, who was picking up her two children at West Chatham Middle School early Tuesday. "But if it does snow, they'll probably go outside and play with the pets and the animals and all that stuff.''

"Yeah, we'll probably get out and play in it,'' added Criswell, who was picking up his grandchildren who were let out of school early. "We'll build a snowman, they're wanting to do that. I don't know if it's going to be that much to build.''

For those needing needing to take off to take care of their children, special memories created by a winter storm would at least justify the effort.

"I'd rather it snow than not snow,'' said Billie Betterton, who had to take off of work part of Tuesday and all day Wednesday to stay home with her children. "At least then I'm home for a reason, they're home for a reason.''

A reason Savannah school kids may only get once.

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