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Leopold's offers free scoop of ice cream for snow


We'll be watching the sky on the east end of Broughton Street, and if Savannah does get snow, you can get another unexpected treat.

Leopold's Ice Cream will be giving out free ice cream is it snows, a free single scoop in the flavor of your choice if you're inside the store while the white stuff is coming down.

Stratton Leopold was at the store today getting ready for the potential promotion.

You might call it the first version of "snow cones" at Leopold's, but not the first time they have made the offer.

"It's actually an idea my wife Mary came up with a few years ago, and we did it then and I can't remember if it snowed of not, but I think there's a good chance this time," said owner Stratton Leopold. "It's great because if it snows, people will go out anyway because we don't see much snow here in Savannah, so they'll get out there and come get some free ice cream."

The free ice cream offer will last as long as it snows, but only applies to people actually inside Leopold's during the snow.

If it does snow, and you go for a free scoop, please use caution on the roads.

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