Kids take advantage of Lowcountry 'Snow Days'

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Winter Storm 2014 gave kids throughout the Lowcountry a couple days off school, and the chance to have some fun in the uncommon weather conditions.

Snowflakes and excitement were in the air Wednesday as children woke up to find a dusting of powder on their front lawns.

"I ran to get my jacket on to go outsides and play," said Maggie Sears.

And some were outside playing even before their parents rolled out of bed.

"I went outside while my parents were still sleeping, then they sorta almost yelled at me," said Jackson Ellis. "I tripped over my dog and then I came outside and played in the snow!"

Other families looked at the wintry conditions as a chance to break out the sleds and slide down whichever dusted hills they could find.

Some kids were outside playing football, but after switching to basketball they ran into a big problem.

"The basketball is stuck in the net," said Jackson Woodham. "The net is frozen!"

With the lingering ice throwing a wrench in their game, the winter weather warriors said they'd be moving indoors to warm up, and play some video games.

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