Eyes of the road: Lowcountry operators work around the clock to keep traffic moving

NORTH CHARLESTON (WCSC) - You could call them the eyes of the operation.

At the South Carolina Department of Transportation's Traffic Management Center, or TMC, operators work seven days a week to monitor traffic along 526, I-26, and portions of I-95 toward the Georgia state line.

The office, located in North Charleston, features a large video board with up to 32 monitors, each honing in on a Lowcountry interstate.

"What you're looking for is blocked lanes," said Paul register of the SCDOT.

"Basically, we're watching traffic flow."

The operators are a part of SHEP, The State Highway Emergency Program.

Established in 1996, the program seeks to help motorists dealing with mechanical problems, also supporting emergency response teams across the Lowcountry.

Once an operator locates an incident from the office, SHEP will either dispatch an instant responder to set up traffic controls, or assist emergency crews already on scene, often providing a closer look.

Motorists can take advantage of SHEP's birds-eye view with smartphone app, South Carolina 511.  

The app provides live footage of all 32 roadway cameras, along with information from interstate message boards.

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