The show must go on: Area food trucks battle rain, ice

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Jessie Stament is determined to stay positive.

The owner of Refuelers, a Charleston-based food truck, says between the winter storm and this weekend's rain event, the weather has taken its toll on fellow food truck entrepreneurs.

"A lot of the trucks had to take the day off because, things in our truck were frozen or the roads were just very dangerous," Stament said.

Truck owners hoped for different results Saturday, in the 3rd Annual Charleston Food Truck Festival.

Stament says the event kicks off their busiest season of the year.

"It's huge for us."

Yet again, mother nature crashed the party, accounting for hundreds of food-goers.  Small, compared to several hundred in years past.

"At the end of the day, we're signed up, we've prepped up, and we're ready to sell food," Stament said.

Those brave enough to endure the elements seemed pleased with the result.  Said first time attendee Jef Lippiatt, "All the food was great."

"I wish I could fit more in my stomach."

The Charleston Food Truck Festival, held in Marion Square, is in it's third year.

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