West Ashley plaza becomes dumping ground; Owner charged with code violations

WEST ASHLEY, SC (WCSC) - Caddy corner to Church Creek Plaza for 30 years, Vickie Martin has seen a booming plaza become an abandoned mess.

"It's trashy and a health hazard. It has mold coming out of it. It has graffiti written all over it."

County councilwoman Colleen Condon says the owner, Morton Scholnic, is facing multiple violations for dumping, an unsafe building and weeds. With the exception of a Chinese restaurant, store fronts are boarded up and defaced with graffiti.

"I just don't understand why it has been left to be let go this bad," says Marie Krcelic, the co-owner of Wolf Track Inn. "Pizza hut has moved out. There was a dollar store. They moved out. Everybody that has been in there has moved out."

Thomas Nelson, co-owner of Pride Towing, says he and his crew have seen people dumping trash. Sometimes, they've returned in the morning to find air conditioner units and piping ripped out.

"We need help from everybody. If they see something, please call the police."

Condon says a new hearing date for the owner has not been set, but Scholnic could be fined $1092 and face 30 days in jail per violation.