Trial continues for man accused of hiring hit man to kill his wife

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - It was day two on Tuesday for the trial of Chris Latham who is accused of trying to pay someone to kill his own wife.

On Tuesday morning, defense attorneys showed tools needed to use heroin as evidence. Authorities say the tools were found on accused hit man Aaron Wilkinson and his wife when they were arrested last year.

Former banking executive Chris Latham and his girlfriend are accused of hiring Wilkinson and another man to kill his now ex-wife.

Federal agent Joseph Boykin was the only person to take the stand on Tuesday. He was one of three agents who led the investigation into the murder for hire plot.

In court, Boykin went back and forth with defense attorneys of Chris Latham and his girlfriend, Wendy Moore. The lawyers are saying agent Boykin misled a grand jury with paper work they say was unclear in identifying their defendant, Chris Latham.

The lawyers used transcripts of police interviews trying to prove a point that Latham never made contact with Wilkinson.  

Latham's attorneys are saying Wilkinson changed his story so many times and therefore isn't a reliable witness. They questioned the agent about why he believed Wilkinson during initial interviews.

The agent said Wilkinson did seem believable but admitted he discovered Wilkinson lied about certain parts of his story.

The prosecution didn't cross examine any witnesses but at some point they will bring Aaron Wilkinson, their star witness to the stand.

Court will be canceled on Wednesday because of the weather.

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