Freezing benefits: Summerville owner seeing steady business, despite winter weather

SUMMERVILLE, SC (WCSC) - Cantiel Taylor is used to dealing with ice.

The owner of Summerville Seafood along Highway 17A, Taylor spends much of her day maintaining fresh loads of shrimp, fish, and oysters between two locations.

It's ice in the forecast, she says, that's come as a shock.

"It's been crazy," she said.

Two weeks ago, Taylor was one of several Lowcountry business owners faced with the decision to either remain open, or close her doors due to inclement weather.

"I wasn't going to open but ended up opening anyway and the customers still came."

For Taylor, the winter weather has in some ways, proven beneficial. She says the demand for oysters increased as temperatures continued to fall.

"This is the type of weather people like to eat oysters in."

Crabs however, have been a tough find.  

"To all my crab buyers out there, they're coming, we just have to get rid of this bad weather," Taylor joked.

As the Lowcountry braces for its second winter event in as many weeks, Taylor says it's business as usual at Summerville Seafood.

"In the South, you're up for anything. You can get it today and it's gone tomorrow."

"I don't think it's going to be that bad this time," she said.

"We'll still be open."

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