Falling limbs dangerous for power crews during storm

MONCKS CORNER, SC (WCSC) - Wednesday's winter storm kept power crews busy all over Berkeley County

Live 5 News caught up with a crew that was working to restore power on Whitesville Road in Moncks Corner after ice broke part of a power pole.

"Very dangerous, putting our lives on the line every day, out here running up and down the road, ice, weather," said Stephen Lewis of Lee Electric.

Lewis' crew was hired by Berkeley Electric Cooperative.

Lewis says it's difficult to work on power lines in the middle of the storm.

"It's very difficult. We got to deal with the ice and the trees falling down. We got to watch ourselves and our brothers and we got to be our brother's keeper all the time."

He says crews also have to be aware of the limbs and branches that continue to fall from trees near the power lines.

"They're called widow makers. The fall from the top of the trees, doesn't matter how big, it can put you in the ground, kill you, injure you," Lewis explained.

Even surrounded by danger, these guys will do what it takes to put the power back on.

"Just be patient, stay away from downed lines, stay indoors, stay warm," Lewis said.

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