Dorchester County hit hard by storm: thousands without power, fallen trees

Summerville's Gahagan neighborhood could've almost been mistaken for a the scene of a summer cookout.

Neighbors walked doors down with food ready to be put on the grill.



And of course, a cold one.

Only this time, the "cold one" included layers of ice, responsible for snapped tree limbs throughout the neighborhood, also weighing down power lines, causing an outage of more than 35,000 in Dorchester County.

"It started out a little scary because the lights were only flickering," said resident Denise Otts, while preparing breakfast outdoors on a neighbor's grill.

"If you want to call it a step down, okay, but we just, we know how to work with things, and we're okay with that," she said.

A few doors down, John Corcoran contemplated jetting off to a nearby hotel, as tree limbs continued to fall around his Summerville home.

"If you just stand here long enough, you'll hear them coming down all over the place," Corcoran said.

Jason Ward, a Dorchester County Administrator, said emergency crews were also feeling the effects of the storm.

"As soon as clear one path out, trees are falling behind them or in front of them and we're having to re-route traffic," Ward said.

County officials have asked all motorists to stay off the roads, clearing space for crews to continue their cleanup effort.

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