Homes in St. Stephen narrowly escape damage from downed trees

ST. STEPHEN, SC (WCSC) - Falling trees from the big ice storm came very close to some homes in St. Stephen.

It was difficult enough to lose power at homes and businesses.

Some residents walked out of their homes Thursday morning and saw how their homes narrowly escaped getting damaged.

"All around it sounded like gunshots back here, trees just collapsing. It's just amazing to see," said resident Dianne Butterfield. "The magnolia tree, I thought would hold up, but it seemed like it was the first to go, the big limbs and all, they just kept crashing down."

Diane's wasn't the only house to narrowly escape falling trees.

A neighbor also had a tree pay a house call and just miss doing some damage.

Everywhere we looked, it was the same story.

Ice falls on trees and the trees or the branches come down.

"There's so much trees in my yard, I can't even count them and then at the back of the house too. But you know, somebody's gotta clean it up," said resident Howard Adams.

Some folks got out their chainsaws to cut fallen limbs. It is a sound that will be heard a lot over the next few days and possibly weeks.

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