Crews working to restore power in Berkeley County

Crews work to restore power in Berkeley County

BERKELEY COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - The winter weather may have passed, but it's left behind quite the mess. As of Friday afternoon, more than 160,000 residents across the state were still without power.

Berkeley Electric Cooperative says this is the worst power outage they've ever handled, with 1,000 miles of their power lines having been damaged.

"7:08 a.m. on Wednesday morning was the first outage and actually was in Ravenel," said Eddie Plowden, Marketing Manager for Berkeley Electric Cooperative.

Since then, power has been wiped out to over 50,000 customers. As of Friday afternoon, that number was down to around 18,000, but Plowden warns it could fluctuate over the weekend.

Berkeley County resident, Floyd Mack, is relieved to see BEC crews out in his area. Mack and his family have been without power since Wednesday and he says there's no one else they'd rather see.

"Oh, it's a relief that brings joy," said Mack. "Welcome to the neighborhood!"

Over 200 crew members working in the field, each putting in long days. Their shifts are overlapped, so at all times, there are crews working, according to Plowden.

"We're out here working as hard as we can trying to restore the power," James Marcil Jackson, BEC sub-contractor.

BEC has also brought in close to 200 sub-contractors to help in the process of removing trees from lines.

"It's kind of hard because a lot of people, they see you out and about working, and they want to ask questions and you really don't have a definite answer for them," said Jackson.

"It's still going to be days for us to get this repaired, and not hours, so if you all are in a remote area, and you do not have power, plan for a couple days to be out at least.

There's no weekend for these crews. Saturday and Sunday they're going to have people out 24-7 working to restore the power. They ask that everyone remain patient.

If you live in that area, you can keep up with the outages, by checking the Berkeley Electric Cooperative website.

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