A New Storm: Power crews battle wind, broken utility poles


Edisto Electric CEO David Felkel is turning into the most popular man around town.

Felkel, along with a team of utility crews, is working to restore power to nearly 7500 people serviced by the electric co-operative.

As of Saturday morning, the numbers statewide rang to the tune of more than 70,000.

"When I come through here, I know a lot of these people, so they want to stop, (and ask) when are you going to get my lights on," Felkel said.

Felkel says although crews have made progress, a number of issues remain.

High winds are among one of the biggest issues, which he says causes already brittle trees to snap, knocking out power crews had previously worked to restore.

"We're having another storm right now," Felkel said.

Edisto Electric is now working with an additional 200 utilities to speed up the restoration process.  Still, repairing structures that took years to build, will take time.

"I've got 8 counties, 3800 miles of line, and 20 thousand customers."

Felkel says their first priority is the safety of area residents and his utility crew. From there, crews will restore highly populated areas first.

"We're doing all we can."

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