Thousands in rural areas of Lowcountry still without power

Thousands in rural areas of Lowcountry still without power

MONCKS CORNER, SC (WCSC) - Sunday is the 5th day thousands of people in rural areas of the Lowcountry have gone without power.

"I need my bed working, my chair working for my legs," said Sabrais Dingle of Moncks Corner.

Dingle has been without power for nearly a week.

"This thing has been out too long. If they cut that light back on down there, that thing could catch my house on fire," said Dingle.

A tree snapped in half next to dingle's home taking down a power line with it.

"See the thing from her house. See how dangerous that is," said Lee Smith.

Smith is a fellow church member and says they want to help clear the yard but it's too dangerous.

"We can't do nothing because of that line there. It's just frightening to me," said Smith.

Bringing water for dingle while stepping across a downed power line, Smith says they feel forgotten.

"So I'm concerned that they got us at the bottom of the list, although I went there and gave them the name. I don't know when they're going to come and give us some relief," said Smith.

They say their power company is Berkeley Electric Co Op.

Linemen have been working across the state and also just down street from Dingle.

The women say they want to talk to a real person about the situation because they haven't had any luck on the phone.

Dingle said, "You get a machine, it's a recording."

Smith says talking to someone who can help them will set their minds at ease.

"If they can't get the lights on today, I would like to see them send a representative. Somebody to sit down and explain to her what's going on, what they want to do, what needs to be done to let us know that they know we're here," said Smith.

The number of outages are going down each day but those still without power are hoping to get past this sometime soon.

Sunday evening power companies reported 45,000 customers across the state were still without power.

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