Ice storms leave behind rash of potholes

WEST ASHLEY, SC (WCSC) - State transportation officials are expecting a rash of potholes across the state from the two recent ice storms.

The Lowcountry is no exception.

"I worry about them all the time. Yes I do really, never know what you're gonna hit," Samantha Mullins said outside a West Ashley supermarket.

We all should worry about potholes because chances are we're going to see more and more of them.

"As it melts and as the water gets into the roadway it erodes underneath the asphalt that causes a weakness and as cars drive over it, the potholes get bigger and bigger," explained Bill Sekula of Hay Tire Company.

It's difficult to avoid potholes, especially on busy highways because of all the traffic.

Sekula says hitting one could cause big problems for your car.

"Tires obviously, you hit, cut a tire. Hit it at the right angle at the right point it's gonna bend the rim," he said.

Mechanics may find even more pothole damage when they look underneath a car.

"It could scratch the chassis underneath the car, which then in turn will cause rust long term," said Sekula. "Over time, rust obviously is a big issue. If it rusts components underneath the car it could cause frame damage which in turn probably condemn the car."

It may be hard to believe that a pothole could cause such a big headache for your car.

Experts say their advice is to keep your eyes on the road, and if you hit one, see your mechanic immediately.

D.O.T. officials say they haven't been able to address the pothole problems because they are still recovering from clearing roads from the ice storms.

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