Ice is gone, but damage is done; Tips to file an insurance claim

Ice is gone, but damage is done; Tips to file an insurance claim

SUMMERVILLE, SC (WCSC) - The storm's path still easy to spot in Quail Arbor, one of many Dorchester County neighborhoods hit hard.

"We woke up to, it sounded like snaps, and then things were hitting the roof," says renter Teresa Morrisett.

Morrisett, who rents a home on Bob White Lane, says just hours into the storm, a tree cut through the roof.

"My oldest was sitting on this side. My youngest over here when the limb came through there, and it came through with such force, if it hadn't got caught, it either would have hit her or the couch."

She says they quickly took photos of the damage. The SC Insurance News Service also suggests making temporary repairs like covering broken windows and damaged roofs and do not get rid of any damaged property until an insurance adjuster has the chance to look at it.

Morrisett suggests getting a few quotes from different contractors.

"Maybe even go on websites, if you're able, and check the ratings because a lot of people get scammed."

SC Insurance News Service also says while the most serious losses will take priority, insurance companies usually bring in more adjusters to help customers recover quickly.