Ex-wife testifies against Chris Latham in murder-for-hire trial

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - In the Chris Latham murder-for-hire trial, Latham`s now ex-wife, Nancy Cannon, testified on Tuesday that it was her ex-husband`s handwriting on some of the documents in the alleged hit package police believe was to be used in the plot to kill her.

Latham is accused of hiring hit men to kill Cannon.

Cannon claimed Latham had two mistresses who worked with him. According to Cannon, Latham told her over and over he didn't want to be married to her anymore.

Prosecutors say Latham and 37-year-old Wendy Moore hired Moore's ex-husband and his former prison buddy to kill Cannon in April of last year.

According to prosecutors, Latham wanted his ex-wife dead so he wouldn't have to pay any alimony after the divorce. Authorities say the plot fell through when one of the accused hit men was arrested in downtown Charleston and told cops about the plot.

Cannon also testified Latham was ready to leave her "for women he could push up the food chain at Bank of America."

A computer investigator for Bank of America also testified on Tuesday. The investigator said records showed that Latham's and Moore's bank computers showed they were used to pull up Cannon's address and photos.

Latham and Moore have since split up. Moore is also on trial accused in the murder-for-hire plot.

Last week, defense attorneys showed tools needed to use heroin as evidence. Authorities say the tools were found on accused hit man Aaron Wilkinson and his wife when they were arrested last year.

In court last Tuesday, defense attorneys for Latham said federal agent Joseph Boykin misled a grand jury with paper work they say was unclear in identifying their defendant.

The lawyers used transcripts of police interviews trying to prove a point that Latham never made contact with Wilkinson.  

Latham's attorneys are saying Wilkinson changed his story so many times and therefore isn't a reliable witness. They questioned the agent about why he believed Wilkinson during initial interviews.

The agent said Wilkinson did seem believable but admitted he discovered Wilkinson lied about certain parts of his story.

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