Coroner: Flu related death in Dorchester County

DORCHESTER COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - The Dorchester County Coroner's Office says another person has died due to the flu this year.

Coroner Chris Nisbet says 43-year-old Scott Dalton of Ladson died of sepsis, pneumonia due to influenza.

According to Nisbet, Dalton was diagnosed with Flu A on Feb. 7 at Naston Medical Center. Nisbet says Dalton was given the usual flu treatment meds, but still was not feeling good.

Officials with the coroner's office say Dalton went to his regular doctor on Feb. 10 for more medication, he then died on Feb. 14.

Another man died last month after a week-long battle with the flu. Nisbet says the 39-year-old man in that case died from respiratory failure due to bilateral pneumonia. A Newberry pathologist confirmed it was a case of Strain B Influenza.

According to family members, the patient initially complained of chest congestion and difficulty breathing. He was transported to a local hospital where he later died in the emergency room.

Nisbet recommends all citizens seek medical attention if experiencing flu-like symptoms.

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