Mary Ford Elementary seeks funding for Washington, DC trip

Mary Ford Elementary seeks funding for Washington, DC trip

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Mary Ford Elementary School's plan to send a group of fourth graders to Washington, DC has run into a financial roadblock.

All year long, Janet Moody's fourth graders have been working hard towards one goal: A field trip to our nation's capital. The group already has some pretty ambitions plans.

"One of the biggest questions is will we get to see the president," says Moody. "Hopefully we can work that out."

Principal Mary Reynolds says the trip is such a big deal because many of the students have never traveled outside of their own community.

"Last year we did manage to take our children to the Isle of Palms beach. Many of the children had never been to the beach," says Reynolds. "Now we're working on this opportunity to get our children to the national capital!"

Through various fundraisers, the kids have managed to raise more than half the money required for the trip, but unless they can raise the other half, their trip might be in jeopardy.

"We need help," says the school's principal. "We need someone to step forward and say 'I would like to help the fourth graders of Mary Ford get to Washington, DC. I would like to sponsor a child or make a donation to insure they get there.' That's what we need."

For fourth grader Ny'laisah Patterson, the trip means an opportunity to learn.

"This is important to me to be able to go because some of the things that they have there are very interesting and you can learn from it," the eager student said.

The cost for each child to make the trip breaks down to $520 per student. The deadline for them to have the money is March 31.

If you would like to donate, you can go to and search for Mary Ford Elementary School, or you can contact the school directly at 843-745-7131.

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