Chance the puppy recovering in foster home

Pellet riddled puppy recovering from wounds

NORTH CHARLESTON (WCSC) - Chance the puppy is now safe and comfortable in his foster home. That's according to the Charleston Animal Society's facebook page.

The page states, "The person or persons responsible for his pain and suffering will be found and prosecuted but tonight Chance will not suffer!"

The reward for his abuser is now at $2,500. The group asks if you know anything about this case to please contact Charleston County Sheriff's Department or Aldwin Roman 329-1545

The seven-month-old puppy, appropriately named Chance, has been given a second chance at life. The Hound puppy was found nearly dead, riddled with pellet wounds, from a gun shot.

Veterinarians at the Charleston Animal Society say the dog was shot at close range, probably within two to ten feet away, and the dog's wound was a gruesome sight.

"A large part of the left front leg, was shot away," said Dr. Sarah Boyd, veterinarian at Charleston Animal Society.

A good samaritan found the young puppy, abandoned and badly injured between Ravenel and Summerville. They brought him to the shelter.

"He's a bit emaciated, so I think he's had this wound for a little while," said Boyd.

The shelter's team of veterinarians immediately started tending to the wound, and realized there was a lot of damage done.

X-Ray scans show dozens pellets still lodged inside Chance's leg, one lodged into the leg bone. Boyd worries this will be very painful for the dog.

Boyd says that the dog's easy demeanor around humans shows he was someone's pet, not a stray.

"Often times you'll say, well somebody was trying to shoot a feral dog on their property," said Boyd. "But, this dog is as sweet as can be."

Shelter staff believe it may have been his own owner who shot him. The placement of the gunshot wound indicates that Chance was probably sitting, directly in front of whoever shot him.

"Even with all of the bandages and changes he's had to go through, he is wagging his tail and he just wants to kiss you," said Boyd.

Chance will continue to recover at the shelter for the next few weeks with the vets keeping a close eye on his condition.

"Currently we're trying to save that leg, doing everything that we can we just have to see," said Boyd. "Time will tell."

Either way, they say he should be ready for adoption in the next month or so.

"Hopefully, this is his second chance," said Boyd. "We don't know his history, it might be his third or fourth chance!"

The Charleston Animal Society is working with animal control to investigate this abuse. They're not sure if the attack happened in Charleston County, so, the shelter's cruelty investigator is taking the lead on the case and trying to track down more information to find out who could have done this to the dog.

Boyd says they've spent thousands of dollars on Chance. That money comes from Toby's Fund, a fund established by the Charleston Animal Society.

Every year, Toby's Fund provides over half a million dollars to treat severely abused animals.

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