Man gets 45 years for shooting that killed one, injured another

Success Street Shooting

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A 19-year-old man has been sentenced to 45 years in prison for a shooting that killed one person and injured another in North Charleston in 2012.

On Thursday, a Charleston County jury found Torren Marquiz Eady guilty of murder, three counts of attempted murder, and one count of possession of a firearm during the commission of a violent crime.

Circuit Judge J.C. Nicholson, Jr. sentenced Eady to 45 years in prison on the murder charge, 10 years on each attempted murder charge and five years on the firearm charge.

Investigators say on April 6, 2012, Eady and the mother of his son argued about the presence of Eady's new girlfriend while Eady was watching their child. According to prosecutors, the child's mother and her friends went to Eady's house on Leland Street to get the child.

After they left, Eady drove downtown and returned after an hour with his brother and another man who was carrying a long gun.

At about 10 p.m., prosecutors say  Eady then went to 1904 Success Street where Adrian King, Gabrielle McCulley and Antione Foster were sitting on the porch.

Eady approached, stopped 10 feet away and, after a short exchange, opened fire on the home.

One bullet struck King in the head, another passed through Brown's thigh and into the house. Two bullets traveled through a door and a wall into the home.

King died in transport to MUSC.

Eady then ran to his house and had his girlfriend drive him and his brother downtown. Eady remained in hiding for 10 days until police apprehended him at his aunt's house.

NCPD located an eyewitness as well as Eady's girlfriend who provided information implicating Eady in the crimes. At trial, those witnesses additionally provided the context and motive for the crime.

Solicitor Scarlett Wilson commented, "It's a familiar theme: Good results when we get cooperation from people who are strong and brave and who are willing and able to tell the jury all they know."

"It took a lot of guts to stand firm in the identification of Eady at the time of the shooting all the way through the trial," said Timmy Finch, Assistant Solicitor and one of the prosecutors on the case. "While others refused to assist law enforcement out of fear, these witnesses took a stand. We could not have done it without them."

Additionally, "The forensics provided corroboration to everything the witnesses said," noted Assistant Solicitor Greg Voigt who tried the case with Finch.

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