Cookie Controversy: Some CA Girl Scouts selling cookies outside marijuana shops

Girl Scouts sell cookies at a stand. (John Moore/Getty Images)
Girl Scouts sell cookies at a stand. (John Moore/Getty Images)

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) – A group of Girl Scouts are making quick work of their ongoing cookie sales by setting up shop outside marijuana dispensaries, according to published reports.

The East Bay Express reported that Girl Scout troops have boosted sales by targeting the pot clubs in the Bay Area.

A San Francisco mother told the Express that selling cookies to marijuana users allows for a teachable moment about medical marijuana.

"They learn that they're not drugged out," Carol Lei told the Express. "Many have serious needs, and are just a little different."

One Girl Scout selling cookies in front of The Green Cross dispensary on Mission St. in San Francisco also noted, "And they get very hungry after!" according to the Express.

Carol Lei also told Mashable her daughter sold 117 boxes outside the clinic in two hours on President's Day, 37 more boxes than she sold in two hours outside a Safeway the next day.

"It's no secret that cannabis is a powerful appetite stimulant, so we knew this would be a very beneficial endeavor for the girls," a staff member for The Green Cross told Mashable. Staffers were among the customers snapping up the boxes of cookies.

The East Bay Express said it has seen reports of Girl Scout cookies sales in California and Colorado, the latter where even recreational pot use is legal.

However, after someone tweeted a photo of Girl Scouts Photo-shopped in front of a pot club – purportedly in Colorado, the Girl Scouts of Colorado issued a tweet saying it was against such sales.

Girl Scouts of Northern California has no such restrictions and said it was up to parents what they and their girls are comfortable with.

"I feel like it's safe," said Carol Lei told the Express. "There's always a security guard and cameras everywhere."

On the Green Cross Facebook page, the dispensary said the Girl Scouts will be back on Saturday due to popular demand. "Cookies, cannabis and charities, what more can you ask for!?"

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