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Taking Back Our Neighborhoods- Carleton St. Blight

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A common denominator for many of Jackson's blighted neighborhoods is the absentee landlord. That's not the case for a couple of houses on Carleton Street in south Jackson and the man who owns the rental property says 2855 Carleton and others along the street are making it tough for  him to keep tenants. So he called me for help in this Taking Back Our Neighborhoods report.

Peter Salleta is a retiree who lives in California. He says he discovered Jackson back when Nissan was building its Canton plant, where he was involved in vehicle transportation.

"So, I kind of took a note of Jackson and ever since then I've come to like the place," said Salleta.

He and his wife liked it enough to buy two rental houses on Carleton Street, not only to make money, but to help take back the neighborhood.

"We are, yes, we made a decision when we bought here that we were gonna help provide housing for people that were in need," said Salleta. "We're strong believers in the basis of food, clothing and shelter and shelter being the higher part of that hierarchy of needs, so that's what we do; we provide good quality housing for our tenants."

But Saletta says that's difficult to do when there is property like this next door and all along Carleton Street. He says vagrants are in and out of the abandoned houses and he has reached out to the city for help.

"The one house we see here; this blue house, it underwent fire about two years ago," added Salleta. "I called and when I saw nobody doing anything and now we find out that eventually will be boarded up pending some further action and then I found out that the house down the street which has been burned out for about 5 or 6 years now, is finally slated for demolition."

Saletta told me this area reminds him, a little, of the Chicago neighborhood he grew up in. He says it, too, had become blighted but eventually revitalized and he thinks that can happen in this south Jackson neighborhood.

"I just wish Jackson the best and I love coming down here," said Salleta. "I do come four or five times a year and whether it be summer or winter. I like it."

I reached out to Jewell Davis, spokesperson for the City of Jackson, on the blighted properties along Carleton Street. She says she will touch base with the community improvement manager and give us an update.  We'll keep you posted.

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