Target of murder-for-hire plot grateful for ex-husband's conviction

Nancy Cannon
Nancy Cannon
Chris Latham and Wendy Moore.
Chris Latham and Wendy Moore.
Aaron Wilkinson
Aaron Wilkinson
Samuel Yenawine
Samuel Yenawine

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The woman targeted in a murder-for-hire plot says she believes her ex-husband would have tried to finish the job if a federal jury found him not guilty.

Former bank executive Chris Latham was found guilty Wednesday night of using interstate commerce for murder for hire. Latham had been facing a total of three charges, but the jury could not reach a verdict on two of the charges.

"On the other two charges, it was a little surprising. I was wondering what the member or members of the jury couldn't see how the dots were connected, what the issue was," said Nancy Cannon, Latham's ex-wife and intended target of the murder-for-hire plot."But I was grateful for the deliberation and certainly was pleased that at least they did say that he was involved in some capacity."

If Latham had not been found guilty of the one charge, Cannon said it may have given her ex-husband incentive for him to attempt to kill her again, and be a "little bit smarter" about it.

"It was shocking, the lengths that they were willing to go to, to get rid of me," Nancy said.

Wendy Moore, Latham's ex-girlfriend, was found guilty of four charges in connection to the murder-for-hire plot where prosecutors say Latham and Moore hired Moore's ex-husband and another man in April of 2013 to kill Cannon.

According to investigators, the plot was unraveled after Aaron Wilkinson confessed his role to Charleston Police Department investigators, following a random traffic stop just days before the planned hit. Police say Wilkinson had a gun and bullets in the car.

Cannon said if not for that traffic stop, the plot may have been successful.

"Aaron Wilkinson had the opportunity to take a plea for the gun and keep his mouth shut," Cannon said."He didn't have to take [the police] to his hotel room. He didn't have to uncover the plot and give them the hit packet. He could have just kept his mouth shut and taken the gun charge. From my impression, he could've gotten maybe six months, so the fact that he did what he did is remarkable to me."

Wilkinson testified for the prosecution in exchange for a lighter sentence.

Cannon is convinced the other man hired to kill her, Samuel Yenawine, who was in Kentucky when Wilkinson was arrested, would have killed her.

"I absolutely 100% believe that Sammy Yenawine, if he realized that Aaron was not going to go through with it, that Sammy would have made his way back to Charleston and finished the job that he was paid to do," said Cannon.

Cannon said that the trial had been a trying ordeal for both she and her daughters. She says out of all the evidence presented, a picture of her and her daughter contained in the hit package, struck her the hardest.

"It was the very last picture we had as a family and was taken on my birthday," said Cannon."[It's] kind of a family tradition for us to do on our birthdays. And it was the four of us sitting together."

"The actual picture of myself and Madison is the one that brought me to tears every time I saw it," Cannon said. "Because I honed in on the fact he knew Madison was at home on spring break, he knew that if I was in the car or at the house, [Madison] would be there."

When asked if her daughter would have been in any danger if the hit went through, Cannon said she could very may have well been.

"I certainly don't think they would have left a witness," Cannon said."Truly, if it was about just my demise, they would have cut Madison's picture out as well."

"I realized that my two closest family members, the people I live with, people I love, they very well could have died and I would have been left alone which is terrifying," said Cannon and Latham's daughter, Emily Cannon."That's my mother and my sister. I love them so much."

Nancy Cannon said she plans to plead to the judge to give her ex-husband the maximum sentence.

Chris Latham is facing up to ten years in prison, and Wendy Moore is facing up to 30 years behind bars.

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