Hollywood remembers CofC grad; 27-year-old killed while working on movie set

CHARLESTON COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - The Facebook page "Slates for Sarah" has taken off with more than 46,000 likes and counting.

"I think it's remarkable that it has grown to the scale that it has," says Glenn Seale, an instructor in the radio, television and film department at Trident Technical College.

Cast and crews have flooded the page with photos of slates remembering the 27-year-old Columbia native. Actors and crew members, who worked on set with Jones, from "The Vampire Diaries," to "Glee," "Scandal" and "Downton Abbey," are among the hundreds who have shared messages.

While Jones was a College of Charleston graduate, she took a few classes at Trident Technical College. Seale says she was one of the brightest students he has ever taught and that she left a lasting impression.

The College captured that impression with a slate of its own, which was delivered to Jones' parents.

"Such a gifted young lady, and it's so tragic that we don't have that gift anymore."

Jones was killed after a freight train crashed into the production team while they were filming the movie "Midnight Rider." According to investigators, the producers were denied permission to film on the tracks.

"When you look at the circumstances surrounding it, it's hard to understand how you could not make sure that everyone on that set was safe and to put people in danger is a criminal act," says Seale.

He hopes some change will come after such a senseless loss.

"She had an amazing smile. She was always in a good mood. She made other people feel at ease, and she was one of the rare females to work in the camera department on a television or film set, and I think she inspired so many people."

Jones' film family is working to add her to the "In Memoriam" segment of the Oscars, which airs this Sunday.

The production of "Midnight Rider" has been shelved.

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