Doctor says woman who drove van into ocean may have been depressed

Doctor says woman who drove van into ocean may have been depressed

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The Berkeley County woman who drove her minivan into the ocean in Daytona Beach with her three kids inside, may have been suffering from depression, according to a local doctor.

"Some of the stress going along with working, having a family, having small children can certainly build up on someone to a point where they are crying for help," said Dr. Jennifer Nelson of Roper St. Francis Hospital. "I think more people act out by harming themselves and not including their children, and I think that's much more common."

Dr. Nelson says sometimes family members don't see the signs that help is needed.

Not being able to sleep well or maybe sleeping too much, not eating or eating too much. They may be crying more and more emotional," she explained.

In the Florida case, the children were rescued.

However Susan Smith killed her two kids when she drove into a lake in Union in 1994.

Shaquan Duley suffocated her two young children, strapped them into her car and drove into the Edisto River in Orangeburg County in 2010.

Even after killing her kids, Shaquan Duley told the judge she loved them.

"I think they do. I absolutely think they do love their children," said Nelson."They're just not in the right state of mind and they need help and it's just unfortunate they're not getting the help in time."

Nelson says if you suspect a family member has depression get them some help immediately.

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