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SCA fires Gelfand after one season


Sherwood Christian Academy fired head boys' basketball coach Bryan Gelfand Wednesday morning.

Gelfand tells WALB the school was unhappy with an outburst following the final regular season game.

He admits "cursing under his breath" following the Eagles' 79-75 loss to Terrell Academy on February 14.

Gelfand says he feels the punishment doesn't fit the crime.

"I understand I did something wrong, but I feel like we should sometimes be given second chances," he says. "A Christian family at a Christian school should be given second chances, that's for sure."

The school has not made any announcement regarding the firing, and hasn't returned WALB's phone calls.

Gelfand was initially suspended for the Region 3-AA tournament by the school. The suspension was then extended to the remainder of the season.

He says he was called into a meeting Wednesday morning and informed he would not return as the Eagles' head coach.

Gelfand says he was under the impression he would return next season, and doesn't know what changed between last month and Wednesday.

"It's not like I had any more cursing incidents. There was no more games I was involved with.  There was no more practices I was involved with," he says. "So the exact same reason I was suspended is the exact same reason I was fired. I don't know why they didn't just fire me at that moment instead of leading me along for almost a month."

Gelfand went 17-7 in his only season with the Eagles, including winning the region title.

SCA will now look to hire their sixth head coach in the six seasons.

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