Reports suggest further delay with Affordable Care Act implementation

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Reports suggest the White House could be on the verge of extending the deadline for insurance companies to meet the requirements of The Affordable Care Act.

If passed, the delay would be the second in recent months.

Right now, insurance agencies are required to meet ten health benefits, among which include preventative and emergency room care,  as well as prescription drug services.

Without a delay, insurance customers with a plan that does not meet these requirements could be in danger of losing their plan in the fall.

"I find it somewhat bewildering that folks would prefer to have insurance that costs more and provides fewer services," said Loreen Myerson, a health insurance navigator with the SC Progressive network.

"What I would ask them to do is compare what is available to them with their current coverage with what's available to them under the Affordable Care Act," Myerson continued.

Some argue the move from the White House has political implications.  The delay would prevent insurance customers from losing their plan just weeks before the November election.

Republican state senator Tom Davis said a potential delay is not surprising, but says the move is an example of President Obama, "picking and choosing how he wants to enforce it."

The White House has not confirmed the extended deadline, but many expect an announcement later this week.

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