Woman arrested in connection to 2-year-old girl's death

BEAUFORT COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - A woman has been arrested in connection to a 2-year-old girl who died after being struck in the head with a weighted dumbbell.

According to the Beaufort County Sheriff's office, 26-year-old LaQuana Chere Chisolm turned herself in to investigators at 6 p.m. Friday night.

Officials say they originally arrested Chisolm on Wednesday morning, but was released on bond that night for her original arrest.

The sheriff's office had charged her with one count of unlawful conduct towards a child after the daughter of Chisolm's boyfriend was admitted to the hospital with a life threatening head injury late Tuesday night.

According to authorities, the child, Phylicia Anaya Garry, was at her father's Seaside Road home with Chisolm and Chisolm's three children on the evening of March 4, while Phylicia's father was at work.

An incident report states at 7:30 pm, Phylicia was struck in the head with a weighted dumbbell by Chisolm, causing severe head trauma. Investigators say no medical help was sought for Phylicia by Chisolm, nor did Chisolm tell anyone of Phylicia's injury.

When another family member came home just after 10 pm, she noticed the child lying on a couch making unusual noises, and discovered she was unconscious.

The father was then contacted about his daughter's condition, and came home. It was at that time that he rushed Phylicia to Beaufort Memorial Hospital. Initially, Chisolm advised hospital staff and responding deputies that Phylicia had been injured by falling off a bed, the sheriff's office says.

However, she later admitted that she had hit the child in the head with a dumbbell while she was exercising in the home, authorities say.

Due to the severity of the Phylicia's injuries, she was airlifted from Beaufort Memorial to MUSC where she remained in critical condition until she was pronounced dead just before noon Thursday.

The sheriff's office said Chisolm's failure to seek medical attention for the child, delaying her treatment for more than three hours, is being considered as an act of extreme indifference to human life. As such, Chisolm will now be charged with homicide by child abuse.

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