Web software closes the gap between students and employers

Web software closes the gap between students and employers

GOOSE CREEK, SC (WCSC) - There's a new web-based profile system that could make a resume look like old news.

The program, called STEM Premier, allows students to profile their achievements in STEM fields, which are Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

STEM, a growing initiative, promotes hands-on learning.

Students at Goose Creek High School are among the first in the Lowcountry to test out the new program.  Profiles offer a look at test scores, student interests, while also comparing their progress with peers.

"Students want to know where they stand, how they can get better and how they can improve," said program co-founder Donald Tylinski.

"We want our students to be career ready to go out and make a living in the Tri-County area,"  added Jimmy Huskey, principal of Goose Creek High School.

"What a difference it's making for our kids."

Students began using the software in February, and it offers more than a birds-eye view.  Universities and companies can also message students who catch their attention.

The program is not designed for peer interaction.

"I think its so important that students have the ability to brand themselves,"Tylinski added.  "To have almost like a baseball card of themselves."

A 21st century baseball card.

For more information on STEM Premier, visit http://stempremier.com.

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