Drivers suspicious of men asking for money at Berkeley Co. intersections

Drivers suspicious of men asking for money at Berkeley Co. intersections

BERKELEY COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - A group of men asking for donations from drivers at some intersections has some residents angry and asking Live 5 News to get some answers for them.

They wear vests, carry buckets and ask for donations for feed the hungry.

The men claim to be working for churches.

But it is unclear where the churches are located and where the money is winding up.

A Live 5 News photographer found the group at the intersection of Highway 17-A and I-26 and tried to ask some questions.

"You got any questions? Take them to city hall. They got all the questions you need," one man told the photographer.

Live 5 viewer Michael Bagley took video with his cell phone when his car was approached in two different locations.

"I don't have any cash. Where are you guys from though?" Bagley asked in one location.

"We're from Florence, South Carolina. That's one of our locations. Our other location is down the street, Charleston," one of the collectors is heard saying.

That man told Bagley to go to a website,

We went on the website. It stated the group is based in Rochester, New York.

I called and got a recorded message.

When viewer Bagley was approached at another location, another man collecting money told him they were based out of Tampa, Florida.

"House of David Help Center, look us up on line,  That's where you will see what we're doing," he said.

I went to that website too and called The House of David.

The man who answered the phone told me they are based out of Oklahoma and have never heard of the men asking for donations in Berkeley County.

"It seems really shady to me," said Sangaree resident Aldo Napoli, who's also been approached by the men with the buckets. "There's no way of tracking. It seems like you ask them and they can't give you direct organizations their money's going to."

They do claim to have a permit to ask for donations.

One of the collectors showed us what looked like a permit for them to collect money at the intersections. The Berkeley County Clerk of Court asked us to file a Freedom of Information Act request to find out if the permit is valid.

We are still waiting to hear back from them.

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