CofC bike share program picking up speed

CofC bike share program picking up speed

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - It's popular in New York City, Chicago, Washington D.C. and now a bike share program is picking up speed in Charleston. The College of Charleston's Office of Sustainability says last fall it logged roughly 300 bike checkouts and with spring almost here organizers expect that number to spike.

The College has eight cruiser-style bikes that students, faculty and staff can check out on weekdays and weekends. Aaron Holly, who coordinates the program and is an avid cyclist himself, says there's a "green" fee of ten dollars built into students' tuition that keeps the initiative going.

Holly believes the program will pick-up even more as Charleston becomes more bicycle-friendly.

"One of the biggest pushes about seeing alternative transportation, not just biking, but using CARTA or carpooling, is shifting the focus of the conversation by asking the questions if you're going somewhere you always think where can I park instead of how can I get there?"

He hopes the success and steady demand of the College's bike share program will encourage the City to start its own.

"There is a push for the city to get a bike share, and as far as what will happen with ours is kind of up in the air. We haven't really broached that topic yet at all. We don't know if ours would integrate with that or be replaced by it."