Joint Base Reservist donates kidney to stranger in need

Joint Base Reservist donates kidney to stranger in need

JOINT BASE CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A selfless act by a Joint Base Charleston Reserve Airman has saved the life of a man she had never met.

Master Sgt. Stephanie Kimbrell, a logistics plans craftsman with the 315th Logistics Readiness Squadron, felt compelled to donate a kidney to someone in need after watching a television show where a character had a kidney injury, according to Joint Base officials.

A release states a military supervisor told her about David Harvill, a public health specialist with the 628th Medical Group on the Joint Base who was dying from stage 5 kidney disease.

Despite doctors saying the odds were one in a million that Kimbrell would be a perfect match, pre-donation testing results showed Kimbrell and Harvill were compatible, and the transplant was performed, officials said.

"I don't really think what I did was heroic, I kind of feel like I was just being obedient to God and what he wanted," Kimbrell said during an interview with the 315th Airlift Wing. "I see how I have changed Mr. Harvill's life but what people don't see is that he really changed my life for the better too. He is a wonderful person who I now have the privilege of calling family."

"To this day, neither I nor my family can do enough to repay Stephanie for her unselfish act of giving me, a complete stranger, a new kidney and the 'gift of life,'" Harvill said. "How many of you could do what she has done? Could you actually give a complete stranger a kidney?"

Both Kimbrell and Harvill are reportedly doing well. 

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