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Lindale ISD students in Victory Park area during shooter standoff Tuesday morning

DALLAS, TX (KLTV) - Dallas police have successfully ended a standoff with an active shooter in the Victory Park area.

A 45-year-old resident at an apartment complex was reportedly evicted and responded angrily, shooting out a window in his apartment. The man then barricaded himself inside his apartment. Police worked to get the armed man out of the building without injury to anyone in the area.

Police responded to the incident beginning at around 10 a.m. on Tuesday. Word began spreading about the situation when  residents at a complex in the 2300 block of N. Houston were told via email to stay inside their residences.
According to Dallas police, they set off a "flash-bang" device which produces loud noise and bright flash of light to distract and disorient the subject of a standoff such as this one.

During the standoff, streets around Victory Park were closed, and schools and museums in the area were on a precautionary lockdown. Lindale ISD said they had a group of students in the Dallas World Aquarium during the incident, but they did now know they were under lockdown and did not hear about the situation until they left, and it was over.

WFAA obtained a copy of the original email sent to residents at the complex, which said "We are dealing with an emergency situation at this time. There is an armed individual onsite and the police are actively attempting to control the situation. Please REMAIN INSIDE YOUR APARTMENTS until further notice."

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