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WAVE 3 News Editorial - March 25, 2014: Two Steps Forward, One Back

By Ken Selvaggi
WAVE 3 Vice President & General Manager

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - The face of west Louisville will be a lot different next year during the Thanksgiving holidays. If all goes as planned, the Brown –Forman Corporation campus will be flanked by a new Wal-Mart Superstore and a new YMCA. The intersection near 18th Street and Broadway will be vibrant, to say the least, quite a contrast to what it has been for nearly 15 years, since Phillip Morris closed a plant there that had employed about 4,000 people.  Wal-Mart will employ about 300, with hopefully many from the Russell and California neighborhoods.

Investment in west Louisville benefits all of Louisville and we applaud all involved for making it happen, and hope more will follow. 

Added jobs will help lessen the likelihood of further teen mob violence that swept through downtown Louisville and Waterfront Park Saturday night, on the heels of violent TARC bus incidents a week ago and again on Sunday Night on Broadway.

Adding horse and bike police patrols in the park would certainly also be welcome.

Violence against innocent people and businesses is not what Louisville is about in any way.

We took a few steps forward this week with the positive investment news in west Louisville, but one giant step back when safety concerns now supersede parking concerns, as festival season begins along the Waterfront.     

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