Police: Couple caught huffing from duster canisters at Mills House Inn

Police: Couple caught huffing from duster canisters at Mills House Inn

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Charleston police say a couple were arrested at a downtown hotel Tuesday night after police received reports that the pair were inhaling computer duster canisters.

According to a police report, Allan Holmes, Jr., 34, and Katharine Holmes, 30, were arrested for use of aromatic hydrocarbons after the two were caught huffing at a table in the Mills House Inn around 8 p.m.

The report states the pair were hunched over the table and breathing erratically and laughing, with Allan Holmes holding a gas canister close to his face. Police say the canister was determined to be a spray duster, which uses high-pressure gasses to blow dust from electronic equipment. The officer also noticed that the man had a wound on his forehead with a bandage over it, the report says.

When the woman stood up after being approached by an officer and asked for identification, a second canister was found in the seat she had been sitting in, officials say.

Police say that when asked why they had the canisters, the man said, "We were doing them...you know, like hitting them," while motioning as if he were holding an item up to his mouth while breathing deeply.

A hotel employee told police that several guests had walked by the street side window and continued pointing inside where the two had been seated. The employee told police he saw the man holding the canister up toward his mouth, which led him to believe the two were "huffing," a term for the inhalation of aromatic hydrocarbons.

The report adds that the couple had recently been involved in a recent motor vehicle accident and that they were transported to Roper Hospital, where they were treated and released before being booked to the Charleston County Detention Center.

According to online records, Allan Holmes Jr. was a lawyer, and was suspended in August of last year by the state supreme court after he was arrested for possession of cocaine.

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