Lt. Gov. McConnell: I will not hold 2 jobs

Lt. Gov. McConnell: I will not hold 2 jobs

Lt. Gov. Glenn McConnell says he will vacate the office whenever the College of Charleston's board of trustees needs him full-time.

McConnell ruled out Thursday the possibility of remaining lieutenant governor after taking the college's helm, saying he's committed to his alma mater.

The college's board selected McConnell on Saturday to succeed George Benson, who is stepping down July 1 after six years as president.

McConnell's decision ends speculation that he could remain lieutenant governor to fill the post until voters replace him. Senate President Pro Tem John Courson said earlier this week he will not relinquish his Senate seat to temporarily become lieutenant governor.

He stressed the Senate will be out of session by July 1 anyway.

But McConnell made clear he would leave before then if asked.

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